Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord

As of 26th of June 2008

Today, definitely, DEFINITELY, is beyond worth mentioning, and to not mention it as soon as possible, will only curse me sleepless nights trying to recall every little detail that occured today . And added that, every little phase of the day are filled with something major (and minor knick-knacks with major mental scarring), the possibilty to forget the tiny this-and-that's is 99.98 % . And that is, if don't start now, but I am starting now, so now since Im starting, LET'S START, START HEY(!) :D . "whyy do we likee to hurrtt, so muuchh" (8) echoes faintlyy

Woke up at 10 somethinnn, with that mental mindset of " Today's your big dayy my boyy" . And why is it big you may ask ? Read on . After severe procrastination, today's the day that I finally pierced a hole to welcome in the light of the real world, the light of the real future. I, registered, for, college o_o . Im growing up too fast, it's scary. This spreading dread of knowing that you're back to books, waking up early and deadlines is killing mehh. But all at the same time, however, I feel teeny-weeny specks of anticipation and excitement. And on the 28th of July (the intake) will be the day I'll be tearing that paper wall down, and carry on to follow the (hopefully) bright light.

Went back home with a real heavy load lifted off my chest, you know that feeling when you finally tick off the to-do list :) . After Zohor, I called a cab and headed to ou. Met up with Nis, Matt and Baiti over there. The real intention of this whole trip is to accompany Nis to do her last-minute shopping for Saturday. (Won't elaborate on saturday just yet, I'll get weepy and will not be able to finish this). Haha so yeah.

We roamed, and roamed around ou. And of course, highlights :)

When we all were in this shoe shop, forgot what the name was, but it's the really bright one besides Momoe. There were this group, which Im sure as heck, that they're from some international school. The accents and the hepps vibe they were all radiating, shrunk me and my unstable esteem. But nonetheless, the girl in the green skirt, was h-hh-hot :O , and super talll, she's taller than Matt o_o . The other white girl was pretty hot too :) . No pictures sorry, Im no pervie :P

Then, MPH. Nis were so indecisive whether should or should she not buy the notebook with a bad-ass tattoo on the cover. So, to kill the doubt altogether, she bought two of em, one white and white black. Hooray :D . There was this one part, where I got a triple combo of bangs, it's like almost perfectly coordinated. I was only trying to give an honest fact of, to determine one's natural hair colour, just look at the hair close to the root. And in the most orderly fashion, suddenly :

Matt : Dah tuu (with a mild kerek tone and expression)

Nis : Ye ahh (with the least kerek tone and expression)


....maybe I should just shut up. Ha-haa.

Oh and me and Matt took pictures with the angkasawan :D :

( To Hana : Suckerrrrrrr :PP )

Ran into Amirul and Zan. As firm believers of three is a crowd, we chit-chatted with them for only a while ;) .

In Deeper & Harder (Dennis mahaihh black ass crakk suddenly comes into mind), while Nis does her shopping, I talked with my ex-coworkers ( Yeahpp, got my arse fired here ) . As predicted, I was greeted by Kak Ida saying "rambut kembangg", in that Cirit Or Die accent ;p

Then , we chilled at BK :) . Let the pictures (and one video) do the talking for this section :D :

Raawrrr !

A few seconds after this, Baiti said : Lahh, ingat muscle, tp flabbies" :P


Coolameeee Partneerrrrr :))

Alahh, chooooo chuuuuuweeeeeeett (;

Cocokk Hidunggg

Oli Sykes with braces

Baiti lip-synching
Wear headphones, or else it'll look just plain weird :P

Amirul and Zan rejoined us later, with Amirul's new haircut (Hahaaa kena potong rambut :P) . Eventho there's not much difference with his "before" , but it was still smart-stylo :) (inside joke).

Baiti picked this annoying habit from Matt. For no apparent reason, she'll be randomly slapping my titties -_- . And Nis tooo ! . STOPPP SLAPPINGG MY TITTIEESSSS ! O_O .

Oh and I bought this measuring tape belt from Pull & Bear :D . Although it bears all glory of my giant waistline to the world, but oh what the heck -_-

After we are all finished with Ou. We headed for Fariz for some goood ol' sheeshaaaaa :)

Smokinn' Hott (Kononnya-lahh) :P

Shan In


Sukanyaa diaa ;p

Much much much much laterrrr, the BB guys joined the remaining four, me, Acap Myvi, Tot, and Praevin ( This is almost excusable, he works at Fariz) :P . Fad finally pillowed on his disappearance, long long ago. Old beefs and heart juices are pretty much spilled all over the table. For not ruining the nostalgic moment, I was frikkin duct-taped -_-


( I don't know how that white slap of light got on my eyebrows, but it looks cool, soo chinese warlord-ish :D )

The biggest anti-climax of the pillowing process, was definitely the sheesha uncle -_- . He talked and talked, on history of sheesha, on sheesha being the heaven on earth, and even on making sure of us picking wives that can prepare sheesha -_-

After the confession's done, we all head home.

Wait, wait, the story's not ending yet. Just when Im about to be dropped off. There was this curious looking Indian dude waiting outside of my house on a motorcycle, and it's 2am in the morning. I can't go down just like that can I, I might get shot (when you're in the shivers, you'll think of the extremes). Even after Najee made several rounds around my area, the dude still won't budge. And yes, we were all smelling something fishy alright. I even called to alarm mum and dad. Turned out in the end, he was only waiting for his girlfriend -_- .

It was a tiring day indeed, but yet was it fun-fun-funnnn :) .