Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bands Banned Of Blenders


This is the part where Paranoia would lay cards in front of me, and on each card's an assumption. Out of the 168861 cards to pick, maybe only one or two sounds optimistic.

Bleh, I know I should be stuffin all of em in a paper shredder or a Blendtec Blender (play the video above, or go search Will It Blend on Youtube) . The act of shredding all pessimism would surely hold my sanity in place.

Well since Chuck Norris doesn't bother me, so I guess it'll blend the rest like cake.

But hm, I guess I just need some reassurance from time to time. That shall further put chains and locks on my forementioned sane well-being.

ANYWAYS, all emo-ness aside, this is just a , YES, ANOTHER (!), side post to just fill up my blog tummy. I can't find the usb wire to transfer the pictures from my phone. Wait up :)