Monday, May 4, 2009

Chuck's Truck Got Stuck, What Luck

Holy crepe, if Bad Luck's a fighting game, my combo would place me first in the top score, unless the guy who rides the blue, 3 wheeled car in Mr Bean decides to have a go :

I feel you bro

I don't remember walking under ladders, or coming across thirteen black cats.
Hodamn, then whyyy.

I still remember the other day, on my friend's birthday barbecue, Azman.


Bad hair days didn't seem to end yet, well nothing unusual about that, I know Bob have seen better days, altho it usually doesn't last very long. But that's only the tip of the iceberg.

FYI , I've very bad eyesight. The only thing that's available to let me see the world for the day were my expired contact lenses. WHICH, the right side suddenly turned super dry in the evening, leaving me with only one side to work with. For the icing, it was Labour's Day, and my usual optic center was closed (y) & (r) .

Now for the cherry on top of the icing,

The left one fell off right before the party.

...I love my life.

That left me to see everything horribly pixelated for the rest of the day. Like I'm in a bad NES game or something.

Example :

With my lenses,

WANNA BE ON TOP..of me ?

Without the lenses,

In this case, I would be glad that I can't see him/her/herm.
But other than that, I wanna see sunsets and rainbows clearly :(

Then for the barbecue, most of the chickens that I grilled turned pitch black on one side. Except for the sausages, that I smeared loads of ghee on it before grilling, those were scrumptious.

But in the end, how fun the night turned out to be kinda made me forget all about the mishaps :)

And this one happened today,

We first wanted to go to Murni, damn it was closed,

Kam Hyong, it's closed too.

We finally settled for Utara.

Where my order came when everyone's already done with their meals. But that's okay, the soup's good.


The moment I wanted to get up, my thumb drive (which I hung 'round my neck) got stuck on the table, making the table tilt down, sending almost everything on the table crashing down.

Holy f-k..

All eyes darted on me that instant. Time stood still. Out of the death of all functionality of thought due to the death stroke of Major Embarrassment (it's like villain's name or something, might be featured in Brainsorbet one day, who knows (; ), I walked straight to the car like a jerk without helping them to pick up the scattered plates and glasses. Damn I felt bad :/ .

I'm sorry for my badluck's infectious Eddy, as he reversed the car and hit a motorcycle, which fell on another motorcycle, which fell on another motorcycle. Like dominos. Damnn.

I'm starting to miss my ex, Lady Luck. Come back to me darlin' .

I can ramble on, but it's just gonna sound like a complaint letter to God. I am thankful, yes I am. My tummy's not growlin, and my lungs still pumpin. But, but, I just need to get back with Lady Luck. I mishhh her.