Thursday, April 30, 2009

What Worries Me Is Whatever's Watery

As of 25th Of April 2009

BLUBBUbubublublublulub *sinks in underwater

Today's been wet and wowesome, and wild (I'm dedicating this to Bob) . WE WENT TO A WATERWALLL, I mean, waterfall. And the waterwall got on fire.
(Alright, you may ignore this paragraph, all filled with inside jokes)

Ho man, haven't been to a waterfall, for ages. Went to my last one when I'm still allowed to play in Ikea's playhouse. And it had a big fat diaper floating on it, holy f-k, and I almost drowned out of a little underestimation. Or maybe a lot. The next best thing I could do to experience a waterfall, was to close my eyes, flush a toilet and let my imagination run free (r).

Enough about that.

Someone said with a very Ketat face,

"Esok jumpa pukul 8.30 kau tau, bukan bangun pukul 8.30. Kau lambat, aku tinggal. Serious ni"

Turned out, I did wake up at 8.30, wait I think it was 8.40, and that was, e-early o.o . Thanks Eddy for waking me up with your "Wei kau dah siap ke belum ni ?"

Apu, or formerly known as Acap Myvi, picked me up. Homaigod, wasn't it nice to see him after so, sooo-h long :)

Gathered at Fariz Advanced before we moved out.

Little highlights of the journey :

The thingy on top of Zai's Kembara's car door, I think it's called a visor, frikkin fell off, in the middle of the highway. Nice double-sided tapin' Macgyver. The moment I saw the thing came off, whipped up my phone and texted him :


..twice, as moments after that, Azman took another one in.

Somewhere along the journey, we took a short pit-stop to enjoy the view of a beautiful, crystal-blue water filled dam.

Damn, the dam was damned gorgeous. Damnnnn~

Not long after that, after crossing the metal bridge, we're finally there :

Rombongan Surau 4B

The sight of clear waters rushing through the rocks, plus the sound of the steady torrents splashing down.
Beats flushing toilets by 9998989 miles.

Highlights :

The cold stream against the skin, contradicting the hot sun was ah-mazing <3

How an emo(pshheahh -_-) dood, transformed to a fully-qualified Din the burger stall vendor with just one quick splash.

From this :

To this :

There's a part where there was a mini waterfall where you can just lay your back, or head against it for a free Ogawa session of mother nature.

One side of Mior's flip-flops swam away,

Muka hilang selipar

With the remaining one

How can you bathe in a river, without playing skipping stones. Could've done it all day

Cannonball into the water ? , flawless.

A jumping split ? , flawl-KYAKKKKKKKK (!!)

...As the pants ripped a giant hole near my crotch ever so gracefully.

10, 10 , 9.9

The water near the big waterfall was DEEEEH-P . And I don't know what lead me, Faye and Azman towards it. The next thing we know, we were all splishing sploshing trying to get to the surface. Amidst the struggle, I felt someone's back and I pushed him up to the surface, then later swam myself through the shallower part.


Azman : Eh kau eh yg tolak aku naik tadi ?
Me : Err, entah aku main tolak orang naik je tadi, kau eh tu ?
Azman : Ha'ah, kalau tak aku lemas dah doe tadi. Thanks weh.


Then when we wanted to get out of the water, EACH and every ONE of us, well most of us anyways, had foot cramps. My toe friggin bent 90 degrees downwards, how the f-k did it do that.

And other antiques :)


After we're all done and dry, we went up, only to be greeted with the sight of..


Apu turned on his engine for too long while waiting for some of us to come up, and the above picture's the result. Sorry man :(

Later, we went to Eddy's house for some keropok's, kuih's and cekodoq's, they were nyummeh :9 .

Damnnnn, this day definitely marked one of the boldest circle in my '09 calendar, that's fer sure :)

Credits for the pictures :

Faye, Eddy, and few were editted by Mior :)


Anonymous said...

nice one weh hahahhahaa, aku tergelak sial time you texted zai FAIL.

Ashtaroth said...

hahahaha thanks brroooo :D . *jugs