Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wanting Wontons Would Not Win You One

Today's definitely not one of those "repeat-a-cycle" days, infact it's been fairly awesome :)

Today, I landed a trick,
( well make it trick(s) 'cause it's a combo of two, a kickflip and a fs boardslide), that I've been working on since forever. Although it moved on the rail at a whopping speed of a centimetre per hour, and the wheels came to a halt the moment the deck landed on the cement, but the feeling was, was, orgasmic. And no, I did not jizz in my pants.

I also sprained the same ankle, for the third time. And I know who's laughing the loudest, and I'm not surprised if she fell off the chair while she's at it, and would still not stop laughing, 10 minutes later. Thanks a lot for your ever comforting support, you numbnut -_- .

Eddy and Faye were already waiting outside my gate when I got home, and they've witnessed my Blanka-like post-skating hair. Got ready, and got an unsuspecting remark from Faye, "Eh cepat pulak kau siap eh Acap ?" . I sat proudly at the backseat, feeling proud of the tiny accomplishment that no one would've given a damn on. Then, on the discussion on where to go :

Eddy : Eh so nak pergi mana ni ?
Me : Jom makan kat Dani Salleh jom ?
Faye : Who the f- , tu bukan mamat college kita ke ?
Me : Eh ha'ah, apa nama tempat cina muslim tu ha ?
Faye : Tu Mohammad Chan Abdullah la.
Me : Eh ha'ah la, macam mana sial boleh jadi Dani Salleh.
Faye, Eddy : ....

Soon, when we got there

Eddy : Eh Muhammad Chan ke ? , aku dengar kau cakap Muhammad Shan tadi.
Me : ....

*btw Shan is an inside joke, that's what we call a middle-parted hairstyle, Belah Tengah. Perfect examples : Khai AF, Adam AF2 , and Tomok Newboyz

Malik joined us later, haven't seen the dude for ages, I sure do miss..his dad's nasi briyani. Haha jk bro. He seriously lost some serious weight. I looked down on my jelly belly the moment I took notice of his shrinkage, and let out a sigh.
Zai joined us, way wayy later, equipped with his parking skillz and his ever so trademark ketat face. Hish, Abang Bobok ni, cenyum la cikit. WTF, that scared me too, moving on..

Malik had to go back 5 minutes after Zai's arrival. We then moved on to Faris Advanced for Zai wanted a cheaper dinner. But damn, Abang Zack (the shisha guy) wasn't there.

Then, there were the repeated wake-up calls, thanks a lot guys :) . Eddy, I know if you were my therapist, you would've jumped out your apartment window by now, but thanks for bearing a lot with my crappity craps. And the rest of the gang too, manly chestbumps for tolerating my unintented nonsense, but like how they say, "Rome wasn't built in a day" , or heck, I don't think it was even built in two days, or three. Little by little, it'll be a hill lah :) (Sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit). By saying that, I'm not hoping for my manboobs to grow any bigger fyi.

Oh yeah, I got bored and played with the lighter to burn my receipt to a heart shape. As usual, it was an epic fail, but somehow, when one of the Ane' picked up the paper, it became an epic win. Why ? Because I heard he muttered
"Guruggagadalagaga-India Map-gurugalagadagaga" .
HOLY SHIT (!) , I FRIKKIN CREATED A MAP OF INDIA without even knowing how it looked like in the first place. The Ane' (which had a very unique Shan) , then showed off the receipt to his fellow Ane's . He even asked me if he can keep it. Fer sure mann (y) , go frame it up or something. When we all were walking back to our cars, I looked back, and I saw the Ane still showing off the India Map receipt . Man, I was as proud as hell. Another artwork appreciated.

See the resemblance ?

All and all, the ingredients of what makes a good day, today definitely covered most of it. Imma look up for some Rowan Atkinson's stand-ups. Later :)


Nelza Rahim said...

india map -__-"

Ashtaroth said...

hahaha, ha'ah, gulugugadadgadg-INDIA MAP-gulugudadgagada :D

afinatales said...

kudos for the indie map. hahaha. mesti ane tu ingat u smpi bile2. aha

Ashtaroth said...

haha tu la, i rasa dia dh frame it up punn :D . mcm mana boleh jadi india map pun i tktau. haha