Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For A Nickel, He'll Tickle Your Pickle

Imagine this,

You're in a streak of fast replies, and when suddenly, this shit happens :

You want to type a simple sentence, as such :

"So, what are you doing ?"

Simple ain't it. you go type,

So, what are (the keypad lag comes in) y (5 seconds) o (5 seconds) u

It gets on your nerve so you go berserk on your phone's innocent keypads, SPAMMMMMRGHH

The screen pauses for while,

And then, the backlight blacks out,

Soon the backlight goes back on again, yeay :D

But, now your innocent message shall look like this :

Hey, what are yoskajdlsajdksndjlasjdsadnnasdkj

The screen pauses, yet again, hoorah

Oh and here comes the killer part :D

Your screen turns white as snow, and kapoot* , then the phone f-in restarts itself.

Noice (y)

Ooohh boy, the excitement doesn't stop there, oh no

Ready ?

The phone will then take around 20 minutes to half an hours time, for the phone from hell to load itself, YEAP, 20 MOTHEREFFFINNN MINUTESSSSS!@#$%^&

Finally after forever, your phone's memory finally loads. You type back what you intended to send in the first place,

So, what are you doing ? (Still with minor delays but that's okay)-> Sending Message -> Message Sent -> Delivered To (insert name here)

You let out a sigh of relief, finally you said. Then, the once fast-paced messaging to-and-fro combo, has now lost it's streak, as the receiver takes a longer time than usual to reply to such a simple message. For about 6 hours later, a message comes in,

"Sorry, I fell asleep yesterday"

And you're aware of the fact that, this repeats 5 to 6 times a week,

Yes, I know.

Breathe in, bite your lips, pull your hair, pinch somewhere sensitive, to stop yourself from letting out a death punch to the nearest living thing around you.




But then again, this has taken too much of my time, and mostly, my precious life. SO, I decided, to finally send my phone to format it down to it's core last Tuesday. Yes, I did create a backup to every single message that once clogged up my memory like hairballs in a bathroom sink. So what, I just don't like deleting things permanently okay. It's like reading back a story if you read your messages from the back. And deleting one message is like ripping a page out. Keep the "????" signs on your head to yourself, I'm weird I know, but that's how I roll 8)

Sent it to Nokia Center in One Utama, watched a movie while waiting for the tech-wiz's to do his magic (The Shinjuku Incident wasn't all that bad, it was awesomee) . When I came to collect my phone, the bill came in to a whopping price of rm 400++ . WHATHAFAK o.o . He said that there were water marks in it, and the LCD's screwed up. But I think he just wanted extra commissions and a pat on his head by his Boss. I said, "Nvm lah, no need to repair, format pun format je la" .

Switched on my phone back, and THE MESSAGE MEMORY LOADED FOR A LIGTHNING 8 SECONDS :D . That felt refreshing. Haaaaah 8)

"You tauu, yr replying quite fast. Wow. Haha. Rasa Funny.."

Haha :)