Sunday, April 12, 2009

One Hundred And Sixty Eight Nuggets

This is as random as Rick Astley, but since I've nothing else better to do (Well, I've my Typography assignment, but that can wait), I've something for you guys to not give a damn about :

Onesix-friggin-tyeight man (!)

The pictures above, both showed the statistic of my Google Adsense, and in total I've made a dollar and sixty eight sense. Boo yeayh ($.$) . And in the other one, it showed 168 impressions.

Haha to those who's not aware of the significance of the number 168, well it's just simply the glorious date that I, Ahmad Ashraf bin Romli, descended on planet Eart..Blegh no need for over-dramatic sentences to just avoid looking like I'm promoting when's my birthday and have this post to secretly be a reminder to bring me presents, I swear to god that is not my intention, what's my real motive is to just state that, my favourite number is, one hundred and sixty eight :)

To the extent, that I picked my phone number to be 01*-*6868** . Then I picked my email to be ashruff168, and ignore how I spelled my name, who would've known, the period of time when I want to register an email, is the time, I secretly was a fan of Ruffedge. Curses. Then, I got over-excited when the number on a sticker in my phone's CE 168, etc..

Then, this habit, that subconsciously has embedded in me, of counting, eating, taking, picking, kicking, touching, tapping, everything that's connected to the number 168. For example, there's a plate of hot, freshly fried Cekodok, I would stay restless if I've only downed 3 pieces, I will take another one, to make it 4. Why 4 ? , because 4x4 would give out 16, and 4+4 would give 8, thus, 16 and 8, 168. We all know that it's almost impossible to only eat 4 of those banana-tasting, oversized mole, then I would not stop at 5, but will at 6, because 6 is in the number 168, 7, yes, because 1+6 ( because there's sixteen) is 7, and definitely 8, because it's August. This will stretch to eating 16 Cekodok, or if I still can't curb it in, I'll have 24, because 16+8 is 24. If let's say, I had a little too much, and I've lost count, then when I want to stop eating them, I would have my final four, or any particular, allowed number. Or else, it's gonna leave my tummy restless like it's expecting Diarrhea.

For example, if I'm practicing a new trick, I always take try no. 4 or any allowed number, to be lucky, just so that it'll tighten my focus to properly do that trick. Or, like, if my dad already went "ACAAFFF (he calls me that), masukkk Maghrib dah nak dekat ni" , I would go "Okay Pa, kejap last, last" . This will then leave me, to try the trick, for the 4th last time, or if there's no new trick, I would just conclude the day with kickflip-ing four times. This is only two, of the countless scenarios where I would apply this concept in. Believe it or not, I even made an imaginary guide on how this concept works, and what just don't, for example, the number thirteen, sure 1+3 is 4, but there's just something about number 13 that's unsettling (or maybe because it's just widely known as THE unlucky number, d'uhh).

Bunch of bullfaeces I know, but it's already went down as a habit, I can't kick it out, and I'm not bothered to do so. I'd still be excited if I see anything that's 168 (especially in trivial facts or birthdays) . Like this one time, where my cousin bought some two teen mags. I browsed through and in the Horoscopes session, BOTH, celebrities that were featured, in the starsign Leo, had their birthday to be the golden 16th of August. If I'm not mistaken, it was Madonna and Vanessa Carlton (Hee, she's cute) . Coincidence or what huh ? 8) . Felt lucky throughout the whole darned day.

Haha don't worry, I won't take it to extreme heights like, going to Sports Toto and go bet on number 1688, or 1681, 1686, etc, and go dig up a corpse and melt some chin oil or shit. Altho, I won't be surprised if I'd fork out a few hundred thousand bucks just so that my number plate will look like this ASH 168. HAHA . Neh. But do expect future random posts involving interesting encounters of the number 168 :)


Dangnangit, I've too much free time.