Friday, April 24, 2009

Darned Drones Draining My Drink

HAWWWWMAIGOHDD, I am finally over with the most tedious assignment so far. Never have I felt an assignment took a toll, as much as this one. Stayed up til' 7 (7am, mind you) doing it yesterday, and towards the end of it, I can see black dots pulsing in around my vision. HOLY CRAP, I don't even wanna Google on why the f-k did that happen.

Then again, there's noone here to blame, unless Procrastination's a person, I'd surely tie him with C4's and throw him off a cliff or something. The deadline's on Monday, l-la-lasttt Monday. Sigh, Mr Lim, have mercy on me.

Mother, if you're reading this, have mercy too.

One of the other reason why's the assignment been dued to such an extent, is my inability to focus on being focused. I was like, finished with one paper (out of 20++), then I'd like walk around, check out the fridge, go online, and the ultimate time waster, take a snooze. The amount of time wasted, if used well enough, would've made me complete the darned assignment a few days ago.

Bottomline, concentration's the keyword here. I need to concent..Eh lookie (!) , a pwetty butterfly.

Holy crap, I'm screwed.