Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fatal April Apple

In honour of the 1st of April 2009, I've a little somethin' somethin' :D :



So practically the prank was pulled by replacing the cream of the Oreo, with a generous spread of good ol' TOOTHPASTE :D . And thanks for making the prank twice as epic by eating it with the twist-lick-dunk technique man, you licked it like a champ. How d'ya like the new mint-flavoured Oreo huhhhhh ? >:D . THAT'S FOR SHOOTING MY ASS WITH THEM BB-GUNS B-TCH !! . Hahahaa. Nice one VEYY, chill bro :)

Ain't the most original idea ever tho, my classmates did it wayyy back when I was in highschool. Oh and my friend Emily told me on MSN that she was a victim of the same twisted prank too (which the conversation started with me pranking her that I ran over a cat and was all panicky about it).

Oh and I wasn't let off the hook too. My mum's friend, which I call him Brian, usually will send me and my sister top up codes, each month. He's awesome I know. Earlier the afternoon, the codes came in, keyed it in, to no avail. Still not aware of what's the date, I told him "The top-up code's invalid lah Brian :/" with all pure gullibility. Then the reply, unsuspectingly I read, "HAPPY APRIL FOOOLSS ASHH ! :D " . Dangit. Haha, but then again without that, I wouldn't be aware that today's April Fool, therefore, there would be no such epic video as uploaded above. So thanks Brian ! :D

Happy April Fools do0dz and do0detteZ :) . Do share me your April Fool stories (y)