Friday, April 3, 2009

Fatal April Apple Pt. 2

I think I found something in my disposal that's April Fool's worthy too, only it's not recorded on April Fool's , and today's not even April 1st to be uploading such videos in the first place, but who gives a rat's ass ain't it, or any critters's ass for that matter.

Check this one out :D :

*Featuring Faye (the one in blue)

Sorry for spoiling the video by rotating it, was for the sake of watching the video's in fullscreen on my phone, so I do not need to rotate my phone, but then again it's easier to rotate a handheld device, rather than a computer monitor, this won't happen again, SORRY !


Did you hear the big, wet SPLAPPPP (!) when the mop smooched his face ? . Damnnn that gotta hurt. The thing scared the shit out of him so bad that he fell flat on his butt. Poor fella had his tongue to taste like soap too, 'cause the mop bitch-slapped his face, with his mouth opened. C-CC-C-COMBOO. I'm sorry man, but you know how we roll :D . A MANN WALK ON THETHEDEDEDED MOOOOOOHNNN ! (inside thing) .

Well gimme some knuckles man, I was a victim before you. Curse you AzLAN-CAU ! . Haha peace V(n.n)V . Now where the f-k did that smiley came from.

Love you too bro (r)