Friday, May 22, 2009

The Thrill Of The Grill.

I learned a little thing in life today,

I now finally know how to tell when's the right time to flip over a piece of lamb, and let it cook properly without it losing it's juiciness and ends up being all hard and a pain in the jaw, or ultimately be burnt to a pitch black crisp. I am now imagining myself wearing a tucked-in golf shirt, with khaki shorts, grilling one perfect juicy lamb on a lawn that stretches the greenest grass, shouting "Son, your meat's ready" while the wife's reading today's newspapers, wearing a sun hat and pink shades under the shade of the self-planted apple tree, eyes still not averting from the paper, saying flatly "Go eat your food (insert future son's name)" .

What the f-in mercy, I better put that on hold now.

Well, Rudi had a mini farewell makan-makan that practiced "Siapa nak makan, panggang sendiri" . And lucky for me, when I was the man behind the grill, that was the time that Rudi's dad came out and saved me with the fore-mentioned life lesson, from eating carcinogenic carbon.

With the sidelines of Lingonberry jam, and a background music of jazz, it kinda felt like fine dining. Minus the sloppiness of one's chewing meat like he hadn't eaten all day, and hair not combed neatly with grease.

I grilled myself this giant burger that costs RM4 a piece, and..

Haiqal : "Tu burger ke begedel ?"

That statement can pretty much give you an idea of how it turned out to look like

After the swell BBQ's done, we went for a little Left 4 Dead.


My team, consisted of me, Matt, Haziq and Ayai killed the opposing team right after they just walked a few steps out of the safe room.

He-he, and I guess my Boomer-exploded-on-all-four-survivors played a big, sorta, role in the mass-murder :B

But sadly, my Tank-ing wasn't much of a good job, with running my life out while I'm on fire, throwing debris onto nothingness, and repeat. Bleh

And a little footnote : Is all the silence turning this to be one big waste ?