Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Glad That The Galaxy Gagged

I was somewhat bothered, or in awe, or fascinated, or bedazzled, or disturbed, or..Bleh (!) , I don't even know what in the world that I've felt, but it certainly made me wiggle in my seat in all awkwardness to see a familiar villain that used to eat brains for power and kill his own mother, to suddenly sport a hairdo, a clean shave, and eyebrows that look like this :

(and it made sense literally)

All and all, his portrayal of Spock was epic. Star Trek, itself was EPIC.

Loaded with gorgeous CGI's,
Drippin' all over with action-packed PIU-PIU laser-gun duels .
Equipped with an extremely mind-bending storyline that reeks of critical logic (or not).
Filled with hot, smokin' wait now that I've mentioned it, there's only one that I could recall, well you could say two, but the other one has green skin. But skin colour's just skin colour rightttt (y).

HOLY SHIIT SPOILER, SORRY :D . But seriously, go watch it.

Peace out V(n.n)