Thursday, June 18, 2009

Giddy Up Pretty Kitties

As I'm writing this, three puny newborn kittens are bound helpless in a cardboard box outside. And here's the story :

Earlier the evening, I was skating outside to just you know, break out some sweat. Then, my little neighbour Aiman was wandering about a box near the bushes. So me, and Aiman's mom went a little closer to see what's inside.

Turned out, there were three kittens, not bigger than the size of my palm, with their umbilical cords still intact, scattered inside on a piece of dirty white cloth. With fur barely covering their pale pink flesh, mewing their little hearts out in hope the mother will come, which was nowhere in sight. I've a video, but too bad I still can't find my wire.

I think it's the work of this particular neighbour. Because I saw her looking at the kittens and was like putting her hand inside. Well, it seemed harmless at first. But when I came to have a second look, the white cloth was wrapped around two of the kittens, which I think was an attempt to deafen the mews of the kittens, which would also suffocate them. The neighbour looked restless too whenever someone walked pass the box, stealing glances along the way.

Then later, I saw her pushing the box with her FRIKKIN FILTHY FOOT (!) deeper into the bush. Later she was asked, and she replied "Oh takut nanti hujan" . WHATTHEEEFKK, the bush ain't that thick, the kittens will still be drenched if it's raining. People like you make me wanna regurgitate lunch.

But then again, I don't wanna straightly assume that it's that neighbour that did it, cause there ain't enough solid proof, but to whoever who did it, you just don't leave them out without the mom. What logic did you scrape off from your warty ass crack that they'll survive alone ? . Heartless hellspawn. How in the world do you go to sleep at night man.

The most disheartening part is that, we (me and my family) are all helpless on the fact that the kittens are too small to be done anything about it, other than just providing them shade. We can't touch them, it'll leave the mom to not be able to track them down by smell. We can't just feed them anything, it'll just further complicate the matter . And I've read, they could die within 24 hours if their not properly taken care off. Shit shit shit shit shit shit shitttttttttttttttttttttt, noo.

I walked to the living room around 4am just now to find some stuff for my assignment, and I could hear the mews from the inside. I went outside to check on them. I could've sworn I was shivering a little when I was looking down. Thank God they were still moving. I saw one tiny hero stumbling about, mewing with all his might, well the other two was asleep on top of each other.

The plan is that, my dad is gonna send them to PAWS this morning. I just hope they made it through the night. Don't worry little chumps, you guys will be alright (y)


Ara said...

kesian baby2 meow tuh!
sapelah yg sgt x berhati pewot tuh!