Thursday, January 1, 2009

Two Thousand Nine's Spine Ain't Felt Yet.

And there it goes. 2008, it went off without turning it's head back with a tear twinkling down one eye, no matter how fast I waved my hand goodbye.

And there comes 2009, boarding down the train, onto your petty little station.

Like a charming stranger standing before your half-opened door, with gleaming eyes looking up at you. You feel like bitch-slapping this dude, but you know if you do that, he's just gonna magically transform into a witch doctor that's gonna put a deadly curse on you, that you'll be stuck with your love handles and spare tires as long as you're under his reign.

So , I guess , come in 09 ?

The moment he's inside my little imaginary house, he splattered red paint all over my walls, like a frikkin Ah Long. And it all wrote CHANGES, CHANGES, CHANGES. As annoying as it gets, but I know his intentions are good. I just hope, in the midst of his ruling, I won't need to repaint the walls white, like how I did in the past years. Just like a loud, repetitive morning alarm, it just needs a little getting used-to.

Other than the awesome new year celebration at the Curve, and the places that followed (The view of the fireworks from the rooftop is just downright breath-taking) . How is my first impression on this dude no. 09 ?

Not very good I guess. First, I woke up at nearly 3pm (AND NO I DID NOT HAVE A HANGOVER), and I realized that I still have my contact lens on. That's disappointment to Mr. 09, number one.

Then, I went skateboarding later. And I FRIGGIN RIPPED MY GOOD OL' "BAGGY-CIKANG" CHEAP MONDAY JEANS ! :(((( . And that's number two

The third letdown is, my right eye is throbbing in pain when I was at Paramount, but I can't take it out because I don't have the case. I forced a kickflip down with one eyelid hardly opened and a ripped pair of Cheap Monday's.

And now, I'm typing this all out with a bloody-red right eye that's in combo with my beehive-rank of a hair, can fool anyone that I'm a hardcore druggie. But I am not. Straight-edge yo. (HAH !)

Contact lens almost rhymes with annoyance.

Oh well, he's here to stay for another 363 days. There's still a lot of time to impress you 2009 :) . You just wait :D


Atira. said...

i love your writings!
it's only few days of 2009 and you already impressed a person.

not a bad start, i think.

ohh happy 2009. :)

Ashtaroth said...

awh thanks atira :) . i guess the start has it's bad, and good, altho the bad's outweighing the good at the moment. but there's still a lot of time for catching up ey :D

happy 2009 to you too atira :)