Friday, September 4, 2009

Pens And Pennies In Penny's Panties

So, what did you do to celebrate our country's independence ?

Waved a flag til' your joints are sore ? , Screamed "MERDEKA !" so loud, you swore you lungs puckered to a prune ? Or go on a wheelie/wekang spree, enjoying the sweet breeze of national freedom, blowing against your ekor at the Dataran Merdeka ?

How about having your Merdeka spirit shattered by the absence of fireworks, and instead be incredibly pissed off by the inconsiderate jerks that should've went on that wheelie spree at Dataran, but instead threw firecrackers high up above a dense crowd, risking everyone a blazing bald patch ? . You guys really think it's funn..alright, a burnt patch of hairless skin is pretty darned hilarious, but hey c'mon guys, wouldn't be that funny if it burned a hole in your Timberland boots would it ? . Thought so.

Anyways, that was it. That was my so called effort to get into the Merdeka mood. Well, way before that, we berbuka at this some nifty seafood shack. Here are some pictures :)

We're so patriotic, even we had to choose a place named Merdeka,

Okay fine, it's just coincidence.

Ececey Aiqqq.


Cina Kalah Judi

Count all visible moustaches.

Jehan Miskin second from left.


If the first Agong had a mullet.

Yes, by coincidence, I had two butter prawns, and lemon chickens, on this day, and quite some time before. Pointless to point out I know, but I should say, those two dishes do bring back some sweet caramelized memories :) . You, who find this sentence to make sense, should know :)

A short Left 4 Dead session, then the disappointing Merdeka Eve, then this :

I don't know what came into us, but suddenly we all felt a tad bit adventurous. We went to a hill, further up from The Curve. Rode up the hill we did, and explored a dark path on foot, leading to a darker abyss we did too. This, triggered a few adventures to search for some spooked-up rush.

So, since it's Ramadhan, the thought of all Satan(s) are all chained up nicely lit a little light of bravery in all of us. I do stress in LITTLE.

And here to mention, we're not out to prove how bad-ass we all are against the other-worldy. I can assure you, if those "things" did play a little peek-a-boo with us, we, or at least, I, will go all Usain Bolt, but with a slightly wetter pants.

We're just a curious lot of youngsters, out for a motiveless search of cheap rush. You know the feeling where you just can't wait to get a glimpse of your high school crush, but when she's actually there in front of your face, your knees tremble, your lips mumble and you just want to quick-as-shit scramble from the place ? It's more or less the same. We all just can't deny the rush we get from the most pointless and stupidest things we do, but by the end of the day, you'll feel dumb, yes, but it will all ultimately be frikkin' worth it.

Anyways, after a few stops in between

Then we're off to our next destination, a house far up in Bukit Tunku. The place was dark and eerie, duhh. And it had this feeble looking, narrow staircase leading down to your darkest nightmares. Oh alright, it's just too dark to even see shit, that made you to assume your darkest nightmares are waiting down there, ready to shrink your balls to microscopic nibblets.

We walked through the abandoned remains, with Hazim, the most fearless among us leading the way. By only the aid of a cellphone LED-flash-light, we explored the shadows. After a handful of time exploring, we suggested that the house looked like it's built around in the 60's judging by the old-school-ish layout and style.

We then found a pathway, leading out from the kitchen to a collection of tiny rooms outside. We made suggestions that they were guest rooms, or class rooms, or dorms. Yes, we gave out opinions as we stood still in one place, instead of actually checking the darned rooms out, you got a problem with that ?

The most interesting find of the night waited in this small bathroom connected to what seemed, mostly like it was a bedroom. Everyone noticed a mysterious bendy straw in a tiny water glass placed above the sink. But only Apek, Haziq and Aiq saw the other surprise.

Towards the end of the exploration, Aiq suddenly became all panicky, which domino-ed us all to be panicky too. And of all the places to be all panicky, it had to be a narrow pathway which was missing safety railings. In occasions of falling down stairs to be funny, this one is not to be shitted with. Scars of cement impact would heal, but scars of getting up to only find out your friends have ditched you, would not die down even a day after a damned eternity.

Luckily, we are all still friends.

The process of LET'S-GET-THE-F'CK-OUT-OF-HERE-! was ruined abruptly by Pithang's car not wanting to start. If this shit's karma, and karma's a bitch, this bitch is definitely the bitchiest bloody bitch to ever bitch around Karmaville (shit made up once more).

It got moving eventually, and later in the car only Haziq revealed what he saw; you know the other surprise ? . He said, he friggin saw..

Your Mom.

OKAY OKAAYYY I'M SOOORYYYYY. Was just try'na ease the tension y'know. He saw..

A bunch of snot covered middle fingers waving in the air in front of my face, as this is gonna be continued in part two.

He He He :D

No, but really. This post is getting too long, and it's gonna be real heavy if it's all smushhed up in here. Partwo's gonna be worth it(?) , with videos and stuff :)

And not to be forgotten,

Happy birthday to our Merdeka boy,

Haziq Nazli

Termenung-menung lah selalu :)


Suraya said...

haha the whole haunted house thing was getting me all geared up for some awesome ghost story, up until it got to the part YOUR MOM.haha :p part twoo!!

Ashtaroth said...

HHAHA IM SORRRY SURAYAAA ! :D . i bet you threw one of those snot covered middle finger to my face too :p , haha expect part two to come out later this week :)