Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hunged Happiness Halt Hazim HALT

This is in someone's thought. THUS ;

I am at the point of no remorse. Not entirely that I have given up on emotions, as those are delicate dolls of delicacy (Insert purr'awr'n noises) . Which, would revert myself back to a normal kid who just wants to live his GODDAMNED life, without NO back-prickers [back-packers?] <- FUCK YEAH.

Yerp, I have lived long enough to realize that, I - CAN, live without a phone, or phones. Just as long, I am not removed from all existence (which, at this point in time ; someone would toast on my death).

What's hickkity-hiccup'y funny is that ; you CAN'T kill a person. If you slit, a throat. It'd be alive, no matter WHAT. Even when the crimson river, would flow out of someone's meat-case ; it'd form whatever, in that split-second of somewhat ; serenity. (Necrophiliacs, are different tho). Because at that point in time, the SOUL, would embark on a different level of consciousness. Because, you JUST ; can't die.

Let's look at it this way, you slaughter chickens ; and they become niggers' favourite post-sweat'n munchies. THAT, doesn't MEAN, that chickens would be GONE, from existence.

Cannibalism, is the WORST. They'd, be SO curious on HOW would human flesh tastes like, he/or she would start self-mutilation. Then, they'd realize ; the meat tickles the taste-bud, in a different dimension. THUS, REAL ; cannibals, would only hunt down sinners, and would put extra salt and pepper, and all that.

GOD, is so MERCIFUL, that ; even the most ruthless act of cannibalism, done by the most merciless of massacre-driven axe-swingin', kitchen knife flingin' chief of particular tribes.

Their sensory organs, would adapt so fast ; that (inversely proportional to the modern society) people would take them as monsters.

And that is when, they smell fear, and humiliation. And the sense of not knowing what to do anymore.

So, they eat other meat for the time being, but that indigestible hunch of munching sweet human flesh (of sinners) would still linger around the air.

Thus, they'd smell fear. And with fear, they'd sense that the victim's shivering.

Let's say, they'd found a girl, getting gang-raped, and be left there all alone. THE CHIEF, would KNOW ; what had happened to her. THUS ; making her the temporary princess of the tribe. Just so, she's protected for the time being.

THIS ; would make tribes smarter, with the girl explaining that there's a LOT of GOOD FOOD, at the other side of town.

And, that is EXACTLY, when PLANES, and CHOPPERS ; would be super-heroes for a day.

"GET TO THE CHOPPAH" - Said Arnold Shwartzhnaniniegrr (sorry)

Thus, the girl ; being the princess of the tribe would later benefit so MUCH to the society ; that the tribe (and the army) <- BOY YOU DO NOT WANT TO MESS AROUND WITH THEIR POISONOUS FROG TIPPED ARROWS AND SPEARS

Thus, they'd derp.