Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kidnapped Napkins Napping A Nap.


Do not mind the previous few posts, of which I wrote when I was eligible to be strapped in a straightjacket and be shoved in an asylum.

I am sane, or maybe partly, who am I, to evaluate oneself. Who is anyone, who'd try to judge oneself with no third-party judge.

The victim of flawed self-esteem, I am. This particular post is just to welcome back myself with a working head. No longer, with loose nuts and bolts in the skull.

Personally, I think my English is rotting fast. Like food, you'd think of making it to be leftovers for tomorrow, but instead ; you forgot to put the lid on. Or in my case, I forgot to practice writing, and read more.

I feel drained lately too. This sucks. I wish to be in a better frame of life soon.

Please Lord.