Thursday, July 9, 2009

Keep The Kips Of The Keeps

You know what I should do now, I should,
Grab fistfuls of hair, clench teeth, bulge the eyes, run around in random directions, hit a head on collision to a solid metal pole, get up, dust off shirt and repeat.

But why am I still keeping this calm facade behind the monitor screen bothers me greatly too. It's like, the glare of the screen has killed all my sense of urgency.

All assignments are due today, before 5pm, and the papers downstairs are calling me, weighing me restless, like a sudden realization of forgetting to put the toilet seat down.


..I'm going to put the PC on standby in 10







..Hey, Facebook's got a new notification :D

..False alarm, stupid application alerts.

Oh yeah where was I ?

Crap, what I feel like for breakfast tomorrow ? , Wait I always wake up around lunch hour. Whatever, the first meal of the day's always breakfast, be it at 4pm.

UGHHHH, I need a shoulder to slop my snob on. And a few salty water drops from my eyess maybe. It ain't cryin, it's hyper-ventilating. Haven't you heard ? , some breathe into paperbags, I force my tear ducts out. You know how frustrating it is, to have your sneeze, or fart, canceled ? . I've learned, doing this does not subtract the burden, it multiplies. So I think I shall not force my eyeballs out, I'll just take a look in the fridge and make myself a hot cup of cacao . He he, it sounds so warm and comfy. I don't even have a cacao mix, just felt like saying that for the sake of sophistication. I've only cold plain water.Sigh, that'll do.

HOLYYYYYYY BROCOLLIII (!) , THIS TOOK HALF AN HOUR ? . UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHERE'S THE POLE, WHERE'S THE SOLID METAL POLEEEEE. Breathe. Breathe. They say the hardest part of doing something is starting it. I think I'll just grab a hold on to the pencil and see how it rolls from there. Wish me well.