Friday, March 27, 2009

Do Not Rot Little Knots.

You know what I need right now ? I bet you don't.

What I want is, to suddenly implode, and burst right up to the sky, and mess up what's on the ground with the shock waves. And then, up in the infinite blue plains, there will be fluffy clouds, that gather to hold my retreat, my escape, my ventilation, and MINE alone.

And what will greet me is a door. Those kind where you'll have to go through at the airport, and will beeeeepppp if there's anything metallic you are carrying. But this door right here, instead of metal stuffs, it'll detect, all the shit, all the clutter, all the barbed wires that wraps around your brain, and your weighing chest. You'll feel a little tingle, and see your problems, after the other, being collected and be put in a bin for safekeeping right before your eyes. All's good, and you're good to go. The moment you take off your filthy shoes and step pass through the line..




You walk around on the bouncy clouds, and feel the softness of the white ground, stroking the soles of your feet,glancing around to look for that perfect spot to just unwind. You pick the very edge of the cloud, dust off the part where your ass will lay, slowly you will sit down along with letting a sigh of relief and let your feet dangle over the clouds.

As the soothing breeze whips through your hair (at this point, no matter how bad of a hairday you're having, suddenly it'll be shampoo ad material) , and the sweetest oxygen sweeps and cleanse through your chaotic insides, you will enjoy the view below you. You'll see a prematurely bald middle-aged man, rushing to and fro of his office cubicle everyday without fail, and see his hair gradually falls as the work papers pile up. You'll see a fat guy with a moustache, swimming across his swimming pool of dollar bills, and a blind man smiles an inch wider everytime he hears a clank in the metal cup in between his frail hands. You'll see murders, upon murders out of vengeance and lust, failed to be kept behind metal bars of their mind. You'll see suicides, performed in every imaginable way possible, out of countless scenarios of how life backfires, and gazillions reasons why, do they do it, to only end ONE, single thing. Sad. You'll see a pony-tailed, plump princess, getting whatever in the world she wants, and if you turn your head a little bit, you'll see a small, bony figure, prying off bits of rice on the ground shooing off the flies, hovering about him. You'll see the gentlest heart tap, to the nastiest heart shatter. You'll see tears, one rolls down over smiling cheeks, the other wets a dry frown. You'll see butterflies dancing round a field of daisies, and maggots squirming on lifeless corpses and carcasses. You'll see how lies constructs a giant temporary structure, to be only demolished by a single blow of honesty. You'll see lost souls, drowning in the sea of alcohol and be crushed with icebergs of drugs. You'll see bullets fly, bombs drop and innocent lives taken, with a background music of a sinister laughter. You'll see a little kid hates love itself and find love in hating. And that's only a fraction among other things that you'd never have an idea of. You close your eyes, and you get up.

You can't take it anymore, it's too overwhelming.

One last look at the earth below you, and you head back to the door. The shits in the bin you left out earlier, all sucked into your chest like a vortex. You shake your head, not wanting to go back down. But suddenly, you'll feel a vague force, pushing you down. Caught off-guard, you pummel down to earth like a comet. You see the earth that used to look like a tiny notch of brown, to be clearer, and nearer, and closer ANDD..


You wake up from a dream that required no sleep, with an alarm clock by the brand of Reality.



aza said...

wicked sick maan

Ashtaroth said...

monster killll, hahaha thanks mann :)