Sunday, March 8, 2009

"In Your Faces, Alligators" - Iffat

Man, this feeling's strange. You know the kind where you went to your hometown for a tad bit too long, and when you're finally home, as a familiar aura wraps around you, and you say "I'm homeeeeeee" .Ahah, that's it.

So my dear neglected, fungus-filled blog, "I'm homeeeee :D"

To celebrate my "mampus tak layan" return, I decided to spice things up with a new blog layout. And I don't think a plain, mundane, simple, blank, "-_-" white layout deserves the term "spicing up" , but oh what the hekk, the robots in my last layout were getting rusty.

And yes, 98.998856 % of you my readers, you have your prayers answered. No more bleeding ears, and no more light-speed mouse-to-pause-button action. I've my Kangarooster Meadows removed, in replacement, with a much, much more calming tune :)

A lot had happened in the time gap between this post, and the last one. And not your normal "I woke up, had breakfast, went out for a drink, dinner, sleep" blog posts, one even me involved me in my mum's baju kurung and selendang, AND HELL NO THERE AINT GONNA BE PICTURES FOR THAT ONE !!, Bob's bloodshed, and other shenanigans.

So, yeah, stay tuned ? :)


branibulan said...

You in baju kurung and selendang??!!

...I gotta hear this one!


branibulan said...

No, wait a minute!
...I gotta SEE this one!!!

Ashtaroth said...

brian, the only way for you to see the pictures, is by letting my read yr blog :D