Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Honesty On A Stick.

If it has a door, it'll look something like this.

Holy shit, not again.

I'm starting to think it was never their fault, well not for the most part of it at least. You were all different, but it will always ends up the same way. So that could only roll down to one conclusion,

I, just, plainly suck.

What bummed me out the most is that, it all went kapoot right before I could even prove my potential. I'm sick of it I tell you, sick of falling in it and falling out of it. It made gravity a joke, because you thought you were going up, with a jetpack running on the fuel of hope and sweet sentences, when it was a busted parachute all the whole while. I'm tired.

If you think you're scared of our kind to grow a pair of horns and a tail towards the end of the phase (mostly triggered by those who thinks by the tail in front), and keeping em even after the phase is over, then imagine the fear of those who begs to differ, on repeated rejections.

What the hell's wrong with me man. Damn,I need a can of Redbull to brush this haywire off my chest.