Saturday, March 28, 2009

Scorched Torch On The Porch.

You would not believe on what had just happened. And yes, this is the fastest update ever because it happened just a few seconds ago. Yes, readers, seconds(from the moment this paragraph was written). Go gasp in awe.

Read This :

My house ALMOST got on frikkin fire.

I was online-ing like the usual, breathing, like the usual UNTIL what I breathed in, smelt funny. It smelt like roasted chestnuts. I don't like that smell. First, I ignored it, maybe it's just the smell of toast, who knows my dad accidentally burned a bread black when he was making supper. Then, the smell gets stronger, and it started to choke my throat. Soon, it smelled reallly, REALLY baaaaaahdd, so I just had to go out of my room to check where the hell the smell's coming from. The moment my door was opened, what greeted my sight made me go WHATTHEEFAKKKKKKKKKKKKK O___O !!

I saw smokes, puffs and puffs of it. And it smelled so sharp and bad, it made my eyes water. I trailed the source of the smoke, and I saw a smokin' pot containing a healthy lump of I-don't-know-what-the-f**k-it-used-to-be. I saw



I quickly then switched off the fire, wanted to enlarge my nostrils for I did something a little heroic, but it smelt horrible, so I didn't.

I woke my parents up then, to tell them what had just happened. A small, teeny weeny argument happened, on who used the stove last. Turned out it was Dad, he was boiling sugar to make pickled mangoes and forgot to turn off the fire. Who would've an idea in the world, that something as sweet as sugar could turn out to look that nasty. Damn. That looked almost as bad as a horribly sunburned pair of George W. Bush's asses.

I'm just glad that nothing exaggerated to something worse. Alhamdulillah

Oh, and BTW, Happy Earth Hour you guys :)