Monday, August 3, 2009

Genie Grins And Grant Ginny An Engine

I don't even know how to look at this shit ; slightly spooky , or coincidentally comical. You be the judge ;

So, what seemed like a normal shisha session at Safa, it appeared the place held one of the coolest f-in Mamak in the history of head-wobblin' , ever.

So I shall name him MC (Nope, not Mat Confirm, but Mamak Cool)

The smoke was getting thinner, and less flavourful, so it only became natural to ask the Mamak, yes the MC, who was writing our bills, to ask for the Shisha Guy for a fresh batch of flaming charcoals. Not only typical Mamak's would just nod their head hesitantly to only ditch us off our request, but this dude, the MC, friggin shouted :


Yes dudes and dudettes,

He friggin' had a codename for the Shisha Guy, and it's a bloody awesome one if I might add.

A little side story :

Faye told me that, Taty got a little servin' of Nasi Goreng Sunshine ; A plate of fried rice, with a smiley face, drawn with chillie sauce, on top of the yolk of the sunny side up egg, served by none other than the raddest Mamak ever, The MC.


What happened the night after, never made so much sense out of the quote of the night ;


Fad had a little craving for some dairies so we decided to have some vanilla ice cream cones at the McD's near my place. With the Volkswagen being older than me, it's normal for it to be jerky, and constantly cough explosive sounds out of the exhaust; I made believe that it IS normal, or else I would panic and steer off into the longkang.

When I parked, and no one died, and everyone settled down ;

It was when Ilyas (who was behind the VW) , told me that, for everytime the old beetle "coughed" , it frikkin blew out FIRE SPARKS.

And behind the tightness of my face saying : "Oh, tu turbo kot" , lies a very scared dude that have tendencies of screwing everything he touches.

Luckily, he made it home alive, with his tummy, 2 vanilla ice cream cones fuller.