Sunday, August 2, 2009

Moon Moans On Mount Mumps

My throat was a little soar since yesterday, my humongous loathe on sore throats was a little overshadowed by the fear of catching, the dreaded, suspected-to-be-man-made, H1N1.

Good that the throat today felt just fine when I was swallowing my own spit that was done purposely for a lil' DIY health check.

Although there is still that little bump on my neck, and no, I did not just become a man and my Adam's Apple just grew. The bump is right above my neck-knob of manliness.

I was afraid it was Mumps. Bad enough it tripled my double-chin when I was young and fat, but the real pain in the buttocks was on the fact that since you cannot possibly open your mouth any wider than 4 pieces of paper, you've to friggin SLURP everything in. Suck in the curry with a little extra enthusiasm, you'll just end up with a spontaneous hiccup, and a searing throat, set ablaze by Indian spices. Or in Malay, as we call it, the damned "Tersedak". The real torture is to tolerate that shit, while keeping your face, your tongue, your entire head completely still.

But rest assured, my mum said Mumps would only haunt you once. Then again, there are cases of people catching the chicken pox twice.

Optimism shone on me when the bump doesn't feel as swollen as it used to, and it became less bothering. Thank god for that.

Now here's the new shit that's recently dawned on me ;

I woke up at 5pm, 2 days straight.

Sure, I'm a night owl, a bat, a vampire without an attire, but to wake up, and realize that you've wasted half of your day mining golden eye nuggets, you know something's gotta be done;

And since I'm writing this at almost 7am, you know I'm not doing anything yet.

The absence of my phone partly contributes to this. Usually at around noon, my phone will ring and be asked by Mum, what would I like for lunch. That, inevitably, worked as the wake-up alarm. Or, even if I missed that, friends would call around 2 for a round of drinks. Yes, it's still late, but it's definitely better than waking up a few hours short from a dark night sky.

Dangnangit. Life, be pretty, pretty please.