Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Oh yes, there's another that I forgot to add in the last post ;

And the name ain't random, nor that I sit around longer round the dinner table than the others for I like nibbling bony phosphorus. But it's in honour of Shake Junt's new video : CHICKENBONENOWISON - Go ahead, click it and brace your self for sheer gigantawsomeness.


My fingers are cold and almost frozen to type which the only remedy is to bite them nails. Although it makes zero sense, but it works, for a while.

My forehead's sweating, and my BO's building up as I progressively become restless by each second. Suffocated, a little because of the aforementioned BO, but the main culprit is the tension that weighs trillions of tonnes, loaded on my head.

Briefly stares at nothingness, in hope that in that swift set of seconds, miracle would dawn on my brain and let me go on a temporary trance of grammatical greatness and wise wittiness.

But nope, I'm left to rot here with nothing. Nothing. Mind's running blank, and time's running out. One explosion of spontaneity, and the fingers magically, in that one instance, would finally just make the fingers howl a "Plzzzz juzz gimme the tixx !!~~ pweeAzEeeeE ???" or anything similar to that glittery example.

I let out a fake sigh of relief, and cross the fingers for a brighter morning.

What has just been written, Junk, happens even before a single alphabet is written on this blank comment box. The last time when this felt so real was when I was left with 5 minutes, on a blank paper that had an imprint of "Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia" , which was supposed to be filled with additional mathematics equations, formulas and sorts.

Kudos for recreating the sweaty sensation which I thought I wouldn't experience ever again. Few scenarios had actually done this, but you guys, with that innocent glimmer of "1. Leave us a comment in this post telling us what you would do for a pair of MTV World Stage "Live In Malaysia" passes. (Funny and creative comments encouraged.)" , you guys couldn't possibly imagine the damage it had done to so many us youths.

Never have a set of words had slaughtered so many brain cells, set it on fire, and feed the fleshy ashes to the virtual vultures since I was behind the table that wrote my angka giliran.

With the summed up torture and demise, I bring you guys forth with this ;

Plzzzz juzz gimme the tixx !!~~ pweeAzEeeeE ???

I think it's the last line that killed the overall chance, tearing it to shreds and be blasted with a C4.