Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wordly Whirl Of Wooly Wool

I am restless, but what's new. The days are closing in, and I am still World Stage ticket-less. Dog-gamnit.

The MTV roadshow at The Curve - Missed,

The X-Pax Pre-Campus thingy at KDU - Missed,

The X-Pax Pre-Campus thiny at Lim Kok Wing tomorrow - As certain as heck, would be missed too.

And nope, I didn't exert zero effort in getting my hands on the golden pass. I did try,

Like today, my sister woke me up from a dream of Juliana Evans saying I was handsome, APA GELAK, DAH CAKAP TU MIMPI KAN ? , and only in my dreams I would overcome the awkward stutter and actually start a conversation with a girl of that league. Anyways, I'd be pissed, but she came with the news of the Fly FM's Myvi Troopers were near the Giant supermarket, and would be handing out the darned World Stage tickets ! . So, I rushed there as quick as heck.

First they held a contest which you need to text them back the exact thing they've said in complete formality. No short forms, and no smileys. Of course, I was phoneless and I hated myself just as much as the Castle incident. Luckily, a guy who was happily eating his wafer cubes, which seemed to rather not have his keypads oily than to win a hundred bucks, handed his phone to me so that I'd have a shot. Thanks wafer-cube dude. But his phone was Sony-Erricson, and I'm a Nokia-ian all my life. So I tried, and kept having my sentence to look like "...stand+a+chance+to+win " . Cursed "Space-is-not-the-zero-key-but-the-#-key". That took a little while to adjust to, killing precious time in the process. So yeap, I lost.

Then came the grand finale. It was ticket winning time. All we had to do was, here goes ;

Mosh to "Sweet Child O' Mine" blasting from the Myvi speakers, at the side of the busy road, with Makcik's and Pakcik's buying kuihs from the nearby stalls, with a crowd no bigger than 15 people.

Don't get me wrong, I like getting lost in a pit of sweaty, aggresive people. But the reason, why is it practiced in a crowd so big, is to not get caught looking like a cockroach got itself stuck in your boxers when doing it alone, or with little crowd.

But for the tickets, I did. I jumped, and moved, and flailed my limbs. Yes, I risked the chance of getting owned by the passing cars or getting busted by my neighbours, that would possibly leak the news to the man that have the key to my World Stage permanent ban ; My dad. But I was desperate, can't you tell ?

My sister, knowing she was just a year below the required valid age to win the ticket, moshed along too. What a sport she was.

But too bad, my hesitancy showed and I lost. All I got was a poster, or more of a frikkin' (possibly) tragic reminder of an awesome event I didn't get a chance to go to, that I would practice my dart aiming skills with.

But I'm not giving up, oh hell no I am not.

To whoever that have any ideas on how to get a ticket this last minute, or has a spare ticket to sell or would give it for fr- >:) , haha joking, I'd buy it, seriously, please please please do inform me. I'd draw a zombified version of the saviour, or whatever mythical creature the savior dreams of being :)