Monday, August 17, 2009

Get The Glitter Gattling Gunner Down The Gutter.

The past few days has been quite the turn-over, of what has been a constant squiggle of lameness in my graph of life.

First the World Stage,

I could brag on how awesome it was, but I'm sure you could just punch in " I'm bragging about the awesomeness of World Stage" in the Google searchbar and get extensive comments on how sexy Pixie Lott's accent was amongst other celebritical <- (I totally made this shit up) , traits. I'm here to tell you how insanely awesome it was to drown in a sea of deathly body odours, and to get frikkin roasted in an accumulated aura of body heat. Not to mention the sheer greatness of seeing the sweaty necks of mini Yao Mings, and english people. Did I tell you how trippy it was to have your body lack an alarming amount of oxygen ? . Yeahp, that was some psychedellic shit right there. So let's say you had so much movement in a very constricted space, and you pretty much sweat off the living liquid out of you, you'd think, what better way to rehydrate yourself with a dirt-cheap 5 bucks worth of mineral water ?. That baby worked like a charm. Or you can always go for the option of buying drinks that's quadruply cheaper outside and get your re-entry denied. I don't know which options packs in the most rolls of Regret, but I am sure glad that I downed that sweet sweet 500 cents worth of 250 ml's ( OR LESS ! ) .

Okay sarcasm mode, off. All of that sweaty suffering was all worth it, really.

And again I won't brag on how awesome everything was. I'll just um it all up with this :

Tyson Ritter In Glitter

..and Mike Kennerty, the other AAR's guitarist, had awesome hair.

And I'm not gay, just very observant.

And who needs the after party when you can have the moistest, most scrumptious Char Kuey Teow in all of Sunway ! (kan Fina ?). All slurped down to it's very last juicy strand.

And to have such awesome dish, you must've thought the place is awesome too right ? .

Bet your pants it was ! . The place's name was, nope, not any fairly convincable Malay/Mamak name that ends with Maju, it was..


It's either a very cool Malay guy whose his name might just be Khairul Ros-li that likes to pop up his Polo shirt collar, a Mexican who's loving the wonders of Malaysia and forgot all about burrito, or a very disturbing Mamak wannabe mafia.

And special thanks to Spanky, for the very first verbal birthday wish, and the two glasses of awesome Sirap Bandung, and the ride home :) . You know you're awesome :D

But if you mean, the real first-ever, the numero uno, the wahidun, then that, THAT, have got to go to my oh-so-awesome-beyond-all-cosmos parents and lil' sister :) . How early, you ask ? .

How about the moment I wake up, of 15th August :D . And no, this is not on purpose, or someone used (insert year of August 16th being on Saturday) calendar, my mum knows that I wouldn't be at home, and will be phoneless by the 12am of the 16th.

Love you guys times infinity to the power of infinity, Ma, Pa <3 :) .

Special mention to my all time buddy, Brian for wishing me precisely at the stroke of 16th August's 12 am, and getting me the World Stage tickets, and the presents, and the t-shirts, and the albums, and the top ups, and other countless things that would take me forever to repay. Thanks for everything Brian, when one day Brainsorbet's a success, I'll repay your every deed :) . You're awesome beyond all logical limits of awesomeness.

And also, I would like to sent my thank you, which, if materialized, would be your favourite chocolate, dipped in gold, and sprinkled with grated awesomeness to :-All performers of World Stage, which I made believe that you guys did all that for my advanced birthday bash.

-Those who had wished me verbally, right onto my face.

-Those who had wished me through the phone speakers

-Those who had wished me through the phone screen, with and without smileys.

-Those who had wished me on MSN and Facebook chat.

-Those who had wished me on Facebook itself

-Those who had wished me on Myspace

-Those who had wished me through someone.

-Those who had wished me through their H1n1 repellent masks.

-Those who had wished me, secretly, deep down in their heart, which tried, but does not know my number, or any reachable means.

-Those who would wish, if they did circle 16th of August with a big red marker.

-Those who would just wish happy birthday, everyday, anonymously to all citizens of the world.

And most importantly, His Almighty, for still letting my heart pump the juice of life, for 19 years now. Holy scrap, I'm nineTEEN. Yes, I did bold and capitallized teen on purpose, just for a gentle reminder, that this year, would be the last of my adolescence. I can almost imagine meeting up with a distant relative, that the last time she saw me was me in pajama pants, and would just look at me, tilt her head a little to the right and say ; "They grow up so faast" , then shifts her gaze to my mom slowly, and back to me, and create an awkward silence and creepy smiles. Then give me a few bucks.

Thanks again you guys :)