Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rebound And Rejoice

As of 15th of June 2008

Sunday was quite a fun-filled dayy, so I guess it was a FUNDAY (!) , HAHAHA get it ? . SUNDAY ? FUNDAY ? :DD . HAHA-ha-haaaa, okaay I feel pretty stupid now , so let's get on with the story shall we.

Me and Faye went to this Sri Cempaka thing for autisms. Acap Myvi was supposed to join us as well, but why he didn't was explained in his blog, so all steam is pretty much puffed out :) .

I decided to put on this " I lost my phone number, can I borrow yours ?" t-shirt. Okaaaaaaaaayyyyyy, critically cornyy I knowwwwwwww. But the t-shirt kinda explained the current situation im in, which was (and still is) my phone broke down, thus, I've no number. SOOO, I was more of being bloody honest than being flirty or anything else :PP . Hahahhaha.

As we both were there, the first performance that we saw was this robotic and fluid-like-movements-of-the-limbs dance. I thought it was some sort-of a shuffling showdown from afar. Haha extremely relieved that it was not, phewhh. The moves were coool, so cool infact, I can actually feel the jelly that's wriggling in the dancers limbs, transferred to mine. Only when I tried to manipulate the jelly in some hidden corner, it didn't wiggle as smoothly, I wonder why -_- .

Then, we met up with Matt, Aiq Meor, and Hariz inside of Cineleisure. Surprisingly(or not), they were watching the Kungfu Panda thingy. Since Faye was hungry (proved quite well, he ordered a friggin Megamac), we all hung around McD for a while, till Ahbear joined us. We talked and talked a little, then we all went out to see My479.

After a swell performance by them, it was time for Matt, Hariz, Abe, Meor and this petite Sri-Cempak-ian to step up on stage. Matt got a little busted on the distortions and stuffs, but all and all, it was a fun show :) . They played "Kiss Me" and Paramore's Crushcrushcrush :D .

Sooner or later, the group expanded when Iffat, Adrie, Pithang, and JS joined us.

For the rest of the event, we pretty much hung around the place, watched the performances, and freshen our eyes up with the cuties the majority of Sri-Cempaka-ians were :) . Hee hee.

Then, we head in to the Yamaha music shop inside the curve. Like the usual, we all played and tested out the instruments like our dads owns the joint. But, Im sure the dudes working inside the shop were pretty much immune to our likes, or worser. What caught my intention was the drum solo (showed on TV) played by this little toddler who was only, like 10 yrs old ? , and he's been playing the drums since he was 1 and a half years old, gnarlyy. The only thing I drummed when I was that little was my tummy. The tiny bugger's name is N. Sidhar, i think. Go look it up on Youtube :) . Oh and,we soon met our own, as in Malaysia's own, N. Sidhar, and he's only 5 yrs old ! O_O . He looked so cutee, and cool tapping the drums and the drumsticks to the rhythms of the jazz. Looking forward to see you make it big someday kid ;)

The next spot we terrorized was Echo Park's small, ghetto basketball court. We played basketball like it was noone's bussiness. It feels weird to sweat inside a mall, not to mention darned uncomfortable. Ha-ha but I haven't been sweating much lately, so I can't complain much. This basketball incident, triggered another fun stuff which was carried out later that night.

Around 10.30pm++ . Most of us met up again at Taman Paramount's basketball court, with two main intentions, play basketball and skateboards :) . Finally, after months being apart, Im finally reunited with my blue-griptaped babyy :DD .

The amount of time, and effort to just inflate the basketball was ridiculous, but it was redeemed good by the amount of fun we had later on. And again, I forgot how everything goes in order, so highlights, higlights :)

If I can recall well, I think I only managed to net in one ball -_- . Where Iffat scored the most I think, combo-ed with his fro, I called him Kobe for the rest of the match. And Pithang scored the only 3-pointer in the game. Aiq played like a gangstuhh too.

Me With Kobe

We all sweat like pigs in a sauna, and I can feel the evil little burgers from yesterday (refer to post : yellow submarine) evaporate away to little droplets of salt. Ha-ha.

Now on the skateboarding part of the night ; My skills were all rusty. My legs were wobblier, and my heels and toes were stiffer than usual, and that combination proved lethal . The failed attempts of kickflips and the double flips coloured my legs black and blue, and the hospital flip almost impaled my groin. But a few successful lands,(although extremely sloppy), reassured me that I still got it , hehe :)

There was this part where Iffat, JS and Imran raced using the skateboards as their RXZ's at breakneck speeds. They all looked cool with wind shuffling through their hair and all untilllll, Iffat ran into a NASTYYY bail ! . One of the wheels got stuck to a rock , making the board stop abruptly. Thanks to merciless inertia, that had left Kobe flying through the air. An awkward THUD! and gnarly scratch marks followed rightly after. Yeeeowchh :/

Then after everyone's tired of being tired. We all went to replenish our empty tummies and rehydrate ourselves. Then, went home to get some shut-eye after a longg tiring FUNday :)